Enrolling in our programs is a straight forward process. After you have spoken with one of our friendly trainers and they have had advised that you are eligible to proceed, you then need to complete the enrolment process.

There are 2 options for this process, one online and one offline pending your payment method.

To enrol and pay via Stripe or credit card, simply complete the process below by selecting your course, and then clicking on the ‘Pay With Card’ button – you will then be re-directed to our friends at Stripe to process the transaction and then complete your enrolment.

If you would prefer to pay through a payment plan, please contact our admissions team so that we can call you and complete the process together admissions@fulcrumpd.com.au

BSB80215 - Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

BSB80615 - Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

BSB80315 - Graduate Certificate in Leadership Diversity

BSB80515 - Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning)

CHC81315 - Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice